How Virtue Salon Recycles & Conserves


Our Story

As an eco-conscious business, Virtue Salon is always striving to stay on the cutting edge of being as environmentally friendly as possible.  From the products we use and order all the way down to the hair we cut, every aspect of our business is meticulously evaluated.  We have a strict employee recycling program as well as a composting pickup every 2 weeks to pick up what cant be recycled.  Our cultural goal as a team is to become a zero waste salon and each day we grow closer to our goal.  Below you will find some of the ways we like to be different in the salon industry!


Caps, Lids & Containers

Caps, lids, and containers from products are recycled or are donated to local art teachers for student projects.

Business Cards

All business cards are hand-cut and stamped from recycled materials that are collected from friends of the Salon. This has been an excellent way to conserve and recycle paper.

Color Tubes

All-Nutrient color tubes and bottles are 100% recyclable. All empty tubes and bottles are recycled.

Shampoo & Conditioner: Bottles & Jugs

All shampoo and conditioner bottles/jugs are purchased in the largest possible size and the smaller containers are refilled weekly. This cuts down on shipping costs, our carbon footprint, waste, and amount of plastics being used.

Paper Towels

No paper towels are used in Virtue whatsoever.

Urban Green Space

Exterior space around Virtue has been converted into “green space,” and includes raised bed used to produce vegetables, flowers and herbs. A rain barrel is used for watering all of the plants.


Conserving electricity is vital for Virtue to continuing to stay green. Performing professional hair services requires well-lit areas, as well as heat and air components. When we are not performing hair services we keep our lights off which reduces our electric consumption and costs. We use LED and CFL bulbs to light our space, as both are highly energy efficient.

Power Strips & Outlets

Using power strips aids in the conservation of electricity because we are able to turn them off, cutting off electricity to all electric tools. This is a great way to avoid “vampire power,” or the idle drawing of electricity while appliances are turned off but remained plugged in.


All hair clippings are collected and are picked up twice a month by Compost Columbus to be returned to the earth.  When possible, hair is collected and donated to Matter of Trust, a nonprofit organization that re-purposes hair as a cleaning agent to fight oil spills. Additionally local gardeners pick up hair to humanely ward off animals from gardens.

Laundry Detergent & Laundry

Virtue does not use conventional laundry detergent in an effort to reduce the harm detergents cause to the environment via the water supply. Instead, Virtue uses a plant based detergent with essential oils so it is easily biodegradable and is Formaldehyde free.  Water levels are strictly maintained with each load of towels to be certain that no water is wasted.


Hair Donations

Children With Hair Loss started in 2000 and has provided thousands of hair pieces to children who have lost their hair due to burns, disease, or any medically related hair loss.  We love that CWHL has never charged a child for a hair replacement! Currently CWHL provides hair replacement and care kits to over 300 children every year.  CWHL provides hair replacements for children up to the age of 21 and each child is able to get a new wig once a year.  If you are interested in donating your hair, ask your Hairdresser for more details.