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Our Mission

We celebrate community + inspire individuals to be their authentic selves.


Our Passion

To enrich the lives of our Team, Guests + Community.




Our Niche

We are salon industry influencers.


our story


Virtue Salon was born in 2010 by Melanie, a 24-year-old hairdresser. She looked everywhere for the perfect salon but couldn’t find one that felt like home, so she was inspired to open her own. She knew she didn’t like the idea of a traditional salon; all black chairs, white walls, etc. but none of the ideas she came up with resonated with her until she remembered her great-grandfather’s barber chair in her dad’s garage back in her hometown. From then on, that chair became the inspiration for Virtue Salon. 

“I have always loved the way old furniture and knick-knacks felt: their quality, nostalgia, and history. In my soul I wanted to be in an environment that was original, vibrant, creative, innovative, and evolving. I also have always valued things like recycling, composting, and reducing waste so it was natural that this would be a pillar of Virtue Salon.”

When Melanie was 22, she experienced health issues and searched for natural forms of relief. On her quest, she stumbled upon veganism. She had heard of it but had never considered it personally. She decided to make the switch to an all-vegan diet and started to see results. She then started noticing the word “vegan” everywhere, and in places she never would have guessed. When she saw a shampoo labeled “vegan” in the grocery store one day, she knew in that moment that she needed to open a vegan, eco-friendly salon.

Once the concept of Virtue Salon had legs on it, we found a tiny space, built in the 1920’s as a hat shop, which had been home many businesses over 100 years. But even at this point, it still wasn’t clear that it was going to work. At that time, Melanie was teaching at a local cosmetology school and her student, Sarah, started to get behind her vision and decided to be the first employee of Virtue Salon even though she would only be paid in coffee! The next employee was Teake. Teake and Melanie knew were old friends who had worked together at another salon. Claire, Melanie’s old classmate from their vocational school in high school, was next to join the team. All three of them still work at Virtue Salon and are super successful even now that they work part-time to have time with their families!


As the years marched on, Virtue grew little by little until we had a team of 12 and were ready for a bigger space. It was bittersweet, but we moved to our current building, just across the street, in 2015 and were finally able to stretch our legs. Since then, we have grown to a team of 25 and have blossomed into a true landmark of the community. We offer education to other salons and hairdressers, host food trucks and other small business pop-up events to connect the community, and our close-knit team travels together and loves each other deeply.

It’s hard to say what the exact future of Virtue Salon will hold, but we know that we have a creative, vibrant space full of inspiring and motivated people that spur each other on. I really couldn’t ask for a more beautiful thing to have happened with Virtue Salon. We plan to continue to grow very slowly so that we can maintain the beauty, strength and quality of what we have.

Melanie’s great-grandfather’s chair is still used every day at Virtue Salon