check these vegans out too!


drank tank

With decades of experience in the food & beverage industry, Jay is committed to using the finest in sustainably-sourced ingredients to concoct, deliver and serve the most delicious craft beverages that will ever grace your taste buds. We love his Nitro Cold Brews, Arnold Palmers, and local Kombucha; all free of animal by-products! We also love talking with him out in front of our space every Wednesday. His beverages and his company are both a total joy.

Eden burger

Eden Burger is a vegan fast food restaurant serving organic burgers, fries, nuggets, and milkshakes. The owners are so fun and down-to-earth. We love these guys!

the little kitchen truck

The Little Kitchen is a plant-based kitchen on wheels serving up amazing dishes with the freshest seasonal ingredients. We have the absolute pleasure of hosting this wonderful, delicious food truck every Friday right out in front of our salon!

pattycake bakery

Pattycake Bakery handcrafts sweets as delicious as they are virtuous, always from scratch, using the finest primarily organic, all vegan, and 100% natural ingredients. The fact that they’re right down the street from us is one of the reasons we love our location!

portia’s cafe

In an inviting and accepting space, Portia’s Cafe welcomes diversity and nurtures community, while being conscious of their impact on the environment, the animals, and humankind. Portia herself has been a guest of Virtue’s for several years, we love sharing the Clintonville neighborhood with her!

seitan’s realm food truck

Seitan’s Realm is a plant based food truck serving the greater Columbus area. Dubbed “the Vegan Arby’s” you can’t get any better than their mouthwatering sandwiches and delicious curly fries. Saturday’s might be our favorite day of the week now since they’re parked out in front of our space every week!

village taco

Village Taco is a family owned & run taco shop serving a locally sourced, fresh & flavorful plant based menu! We’re beyond excited for them to open up their space in Columbus.


Sourcing goods from local bakeries like Lucky Cat and using Beyond Meat patties, Woodhouse Vegan Cafe serves up the BEST vegan comfort food including Vegan Mac (gouda with truffle panko), Broccoli Chz soup, Eggless Salad Sandwich, Phish Tacos, Mexican Street Corn, and of course always American grilled cheese, loaded nachos, soft pretzel bites.