What exactly does “vegan” mean?

One who chooses not to consume or use animal products or by-products.

What is “sulfate-free” referring to?

Historically speaking, shampoos and other hygiene products often contained one of the following: SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and ALS (ammonium laureth sulfate). These are powerful and inexpensive surfactants, or lathering agents, making them a popular and cost-effective choice of ingredient in shampoos. These surfactants are absorbable, and can be harmful to plants, animals, and humans.

How can a salon be vegan?

We use products that are completely free of animal products, animal by-products, and animal testing; our products are also botanically-based.  We also do our best to maintain standards that promote the healthful priorities of the vegan lifestyle.  In addition, all of our complementary beverages are vegan-friendly, and our furniture is free of animal products.

Is everyone that works here vegan?

No – employees of Virtue are not required to be vegan. It is all of our priority, however, to provide vegan hair services to all, regardless of vegan or non-vegan lifestyles.

What does paraben-free mean?

Parabens are a group of chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals that serve as effective preservatives with bactericidal and fungicidal properties.  Some research bases show a strong correlation in cancerous tumors and the use of parabens.  All products used by Virtue Salon are paraben-free, including our hair color.

Why does it matter if a product is gluten-free?

A current and significant trend in dietary practices is to reduce to consumption and use of gluten products.  Many people suffer gluten intolerance's or Celiac disease, while others are simply seeking to reduce their use of products containing gluten.  In some cases, the skin can be sensitive to gluten exposure.  To accommodate these cases, Virtue Salon carries gluten-free hair color options and several gluten-free products.