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Owner | Level 4 Stylist

Melanie’s passion for styling hair has grown from a fun hobby in middle school to a beautiful expertise. She completed vocational school in 2003, graduated with a bachelor’s in art from The Ohio State University in 2007, opened Virtue salon in 2010, and continues to refine her skills at every opportunity. She received advanced education from Paul Mitchell in Newport Beach, CA, San Antonio, TX, and Salt Lake City, UT, as well as from the Toni & Guy Academy in Paris. Melanie attended the 2008 International Hair Show in London, England, America’s Beauty Show Chicago in 2012 and 2013, and the Vidal Sassoon cutting class in Chicago in 2012, among many other various training events. Melanie loves all aspects of cutting hair, but enjoys learning and education the most. A fierce up-stylist, her background in art compliments her vision, treating hair like a sculpture. Intense, productive, adventurous and fun-loving, Melanie loves working with her powerful and supportive team.

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Salon Manager

The unique look, mission statement, and overall lifestyle of the salon drew Jacquie to work at Virtue. She loves how the Virtue team makes a point to not only provide excellent customer service, but actually get to know the guests, and work together as a support system. Jacquie’s positive attitude and ability to handle one thing at a time allow her to manage stressful situations in a productive way. A lover of classic and casual attire, Jacquie will most likely be wearing a pair of cropped skinny jeans, a cardigan, and flats.

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Manager-Team Adviser

Teaming up with his wife, Melanie, TJ wanted to help build and develop a business together. He works on the basic operations of the business, as well as coordinating and scheduling. The Virtue team works together; as a supportive team, they create an inviting work environment for Virtue clients, a welcoming family aspect of Virtue Salon which TJ greatly values—though he also loves the PattyCake Cookies. At Virtue's Hair-A-Thon benefiting Pets Without Parents, he and Melanie adopted their second dachshund together, which is one of his favorite memories at the salon. On most days, TJ works from his favorite piece of furniture at Virtue.... his desk!


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Level 4 Stylist | Make-Up Artist

Virtue’s first employee, Sarah followed her attraction to the beauty industry, becoming a hairstylist in 2009. She found Virtue Salon shortly after, and has created many memories since; she even met her husband at the salon! Because of the variety of services Virtue provides, Sarah enjoys the challenge that every day is unique, which encourages her creativity. Personally, she spends time at her church, loves live music, and draws inspiration from Ashley Olsen. She’s all about ColorProof products, her husband and stepson, and Mukha liquid foundation.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Boomerang Room

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Level 4 Stylist

Teake always thought hair stylists were magical. A graduate of The Ohio State School of Cosmetology, styling hair was an appropriate creative outlet, giving her the opportunity to help people recreate their vision. The relationships that come from being a hairstylist is Teake's favorite aspect of her career; Teake truly enjoys talking with people and listening to their stories. Working at Virtue since 2010, Teake loves the support, teamwork and friendships that have been built on the foundation of styling hair. On her wedding day, Teake and her bridesmaids got their hair styled at Virtue, which is one of her favorite memories at the salon. Teake loves the smell of lemongrass, anything fruity, and the coconut smell of Pure Release Instant Detangler by ColorProof.

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Level 4 Stylist

Growing up, Claire loved going to the salon. Now, Claire works in a salon she loves. To her, the Virtue Team is like family; they support and appreciate each other. In 2014, the team even organized a surprise baby shower for Claire, a memory she cherishes. Claire works magic in cutting and styling short hair and loves making brows beautiful. Hair powder, hairspray and dry oil are usually within her reach. At home, Claire spends time with her daughter, Nora, husband, Mike, and her two dogs.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Smith’s Deli

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Level 4 Stylist | Extension Specialist | Make-up artist

On her middle school cheerleading squad, Lexi was the go-to-girl for hair on game days (#GoBulldogs #BigBows). A talent Lexi has cultivated since then, she mastered the ability to create smooth style without using heat tools, and is trusted by many to complete dramatic before-and-after services. Her style icon is Jaclyn Hill, a professional makeup artist, and the inspiration behind Lexi’s project, Blushes and Blowouts.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Local Cantina

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Level 3 Stylist | Extension Specialist | Make-up artist

Cayla aspired to be a hairstylist since her sophomore year of high school, when she started styling hair and applying makeup for her friends. Inspired by Nicole Richie’s style, she loves pulling off the spectrum, from classic to edgy looks. She’s all about blonding, blowouts and beach waves, which demonstrate her artistry. For Cayla, working at Virtue doesn’t feel like work; it feels like family.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Wholly Craft!

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Level 3 Stylist | Extension Specialist | Make-up artist

Amy leads a full life, with three priorities: her daughter, Mylah, her education, and, of course, her curling wand. Amy loves any opportunity to receive additional cosmetology training and certification to keep up with latest trends. Since starting at Virtue, Amy’s passion for hairstyling has blossomed. She loves using heat tools for the perfect finish, and creating lasting memories with the Virtue Team.  Additionally, Amy has an ever growing love for big transformations, whether its a drastic color change or adding extensions, she loves it all!  Outside of work, Amy spends every moment she can with Mylah. Together, they craft, travel and play.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Columbus Park of Roses

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Level 2 Stylist

Constantly happy, Louie lives life to its fullest potential. Working with positive, professional people and furthering his training motivates Louie. He treats his coworkers as his work family; in fact, his favorite memory in his time at Virtue is a team-building video conference with the talented Nina Kovner.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | The Crest

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Level 2 Stylist

There was a clear moment when Hannah knew styling hair was in here future. She took on the ambitious endeavor to bleach her older sister’s hair, when her sister asked Hannah if she ever considered going into cosmetology. She couldn’t stop thinking about it after. Virtue’s positive atmosphere attracted Hannah to the salon, a characteristic she enjoys getting to share with guests. A flatiron guru, Hannah draws inspiration from style icon Alexa Chung, keeps texture powder and dry shampoo handy, and swears by the Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette..

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Glen Echo Park and the ravines

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Level 2 Stylist | Make-up artist

With a deep-rooted love and passion for doing hair, Shayla always knew she would become a hairstylist. She works magic with her upstyles, always keeping an assortment of pins, a curling wand and clear rubber bands close. Learning from other Virtue stylists means a lot to Shayla; the environment is encouraging and noncompetitive, which Shayla believes leads to Virtue’s excellent guest service. She adores stylist Lucie Doughty, CAO Cosmetics and volleyball.

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Level 1 Stylist

Ever since Kendra can remember, she has loved hair and hairstyling. A graduate of Paul Mitchell the School Cincinnati, Kendra is constantly furthering her styling education. She’s attended cutting class with DJ Muldon, an advanced cutting and color class with Jen Montoya and Christian Gaytan, and updos with Martin Parsins, and many others. Kendra’s strongest skill? Cutting. She loves dramatic cuts and her style icon is Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory. The welcoming and happy demeanor of everyone at Virtue is Kendra’s favorite aspect. Kendra vividly remembers how kind and helpful everyone was in her transition into Virtue in 2016, and that has stuck with her as her favorite memory thus far. When Kendra is not at Virtue making killer cuts, she loves to go to the zoo and other adventures with her son Finn.

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Zoey | Apprentice


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Emma | Receptionist


Akilah | Receptionist

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