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Owner | Level 4 Hairdresser

Moving from behind to the chair to behind the scenes to curate the Virtue experience, Melanie spends her days dreaming up ideas for the salon and innovating practices. She stays sharp by doing creative haircuts and styles on models (follow #melaniesmuse). Although she has so many great memories since she opened the doors in 2010, her favorite moment was announcing the move to the new location over champagne.

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A jack of all trades, Thomas left his construction career in 2013 to support the growing family business. He has a talent at looking at a situation and devising a solution, which helps him take care of all of Virtue’s business needs. Camping, creating and climbing are some of his favorite hobbies, and his favorite Virtue memory is the team’s weekend camping trip at Hocking Hills.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Lineage Brewing

Ask Him About | Woodworking

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Emma has been a guest at Virtue Salon since it opened in 2010, and joined the team in 2016. She loves the friendly environment and that guests say Virtue “feels like home.” She feels connected with Virtue’s values and high commitment to giving back. With a “Yes!” attitude, Emma takes initiative and learns as much as she can about leadership and innovation. Outside of the salon, she’s certified in Personal Training, Reformer Pilates, and loves rock climbing and urban exploring.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Wildflower Cafe

Ask Her About | Her latest Ohio adventure

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artistic director | Level 2 Hairdresser | Makeup artist

Talking with people, prepping for the day and styling her guests, Kendra loves making Virtue a place for people to come where they feel comfortable and confident. To her, the atmosphere and team makes Virtue a wonderful place to work. She swears by Viral Shampoo and her mascara. Outside of work, Kendra teaches at Paul Mitchell the School, reads and catches up on sleep.

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Level 4 Hairdresser | MakeUp Artist

With education from Paul Mitchell the School, Vidal Sassoon Academy ABC, DJ Muldoon, Tina Anderson and Creative Cutting, Sarah is an expert at haircutting. Her days are busy, but enjoyable and she loves that she gets to be creative in a supportive environment. Her husband, who she met at Virtue, is also in the business of hair, and has an eight-year-old son with killer dance moves.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Boomerang Room

Ask Her About | Volunteering at CRC

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Level 4 Hairdresser

A hairdresser with Virtue since the beginning in 2010, Teake creates relationships that last, whether it’s with her coworkers or her guests. No matter what kind of appointment it is, you will find Teake laughing and enjoying conversations with her guests. Virtue’s core value of collaboration really resonates with her; when someone sits in her chair, she works with them to figure out what is best for their hair. Outside of work, she spends time with her husband, daughter and close friends.

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Level 4 Hairdresser

One of the top short-hair stylists in Columbus, she feels like she’s become friends with a lot of her guests. She loves when they come in and say “I have so much to tell you!” Part of the Virtue team since 2012, her favorite part of the job is seeing people she loves and catching up with her guests. Outside of work, she spends time with her family, cooks, shops and works out.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Smith’s Deli

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Level 4 Hairdresser | Extensions Specialist | Makeup artist

Cayla shines at beach waves, blonding and blowouts. She loves the fast-paced atmosphere, but that the salon feels laid back at the same time. When a guest says “thank you for listening,” it reminds her that being a hairstylist is about more than quality services, it’s about taking care of people. Volunteering and supporting neighborhood causes are important to Cayla, and she gets to do that more often through Virtue’s commitment to the community.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Wholly Craft

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Level 4 Hairdresser | Extensions Specialist | makeup artist

To Amy, her guests are more like an extended family; she loves that during any appointment, whether it’s color or extensions, they teach her just as much about life as she teaches them about hair. With that, plus the team unity, being a hairstylist at Virtue doesn’t really feel like “work” in the traditional sense. Every day in and out of the salon is pretty busy, but she loves that she can rely on the Virtue team to keep everything running smoothly.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Park of Roses

Ask Her About | Her Intervention Specialist studies

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Level 3 Hairdresser

Louie is all about good vibes, good times, and good conversations with all of his regular and new guests. Knowing Melanie through Paul Mitchell School, he knew Virtue Salon was the only place he wanted to work. His greatest skill is his approach; he’s trustworthy and easy to talk to. In the brief moments when he’s not working, Louie spends time going on adventures with his boyfriend and close friends.

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Level 2 Hairdresser

Hannah started Virtue as an intern while she was in hair school, and fit right in. Now a hairstylist with plenty of continued education certifications, Hannah loves when she hears, “you and your skills always make my day” from a guest. She loves the support she gets from the Virtue team, and has so much fun at the annual holiday parties. When she’s not in the salon, Hannah will be hiking, rock-climbing or teaching bible study.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Cup O Joe

Ask Her About | Metro Parks

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Level 2 Hairdresser | extensions specialist | Makeup artist

Give Shayla a styling wand, Powderfix, Urban Decay and Colourpop, and this hairdresser can make some magic. Between balayage, upstyling and makeup appointments, Shayla still loves to help out around the salon. A guest once told her “this is the best my hair has ever looked,” which is so meaningful to Shayla; she believes in the integrity of the consultation, and takes the time to fully understand what her guest wants.

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Level 1 Hairdresser

The best compliment Zoey can get is when a guest says they gained self-confidence after a haircut; she appreciates the ability to give that to anyone in her chair. Since she graduated from hair school, she’s wanted to work at Virtue and so far, enjoys the continued education she receives, like DJ Muldoon’s cutting class. On any given day, Zoey’s all about dresses, tights and bold lipsticks!

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Cup O Joe

Ask Her About | Debbie Harry, her style icon

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Level 1 Hairdresser

A graduate of the Paul Mitchell The School Columbus, Brittany immediately applied to Virtue Salon after seeing it for the first time; she loves the encouraging, supportive atmosphere. She typically can be found happily helping out the Virtue team, shampooing, blow-drying, styling and more. Aside from doing hair, reading, spending time with her friends, and drinking good coffee is how Brittany spends her time.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | The Crest

Ask Her About | Bible Study

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Level 1 Hairdresser | makeup artist

Coming from the huge corporate accounting world, Lindsay wanted a big change and fell madly in love with cosmetology. She genuinely loves people—getting to spend her days talking to and hanging out with people is a dream come true for her. Color is Lindsay’s middle name—she loves any opportunity to be creative with color; especially balayage and fantasy color. But most of all, she thrives on making each and every person that sits in her chair feel special.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | The library

Ask Her About | Her most recent culinary creation

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Level 1 Hairdresser | makeup artist

Out-of-this-world fantasy color expert, Kelby strives to promote open communication on a daily basis-- there’s no such thing as a stranger to her! She loves learning; by staying up to date with the latest hair trends, and through her favorite educational classes at Virtue, like Sugar Skulls. Kelby knew immediately that Virtue was the place for her because she gets to spend every day working with her best friends. Outside of work, Kelby loves cheering on her favorite Cleveland sports teams, exploring vegetarian restaurants around Columbus, and watching WWE.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Small Talk

Ask Her About | Her 3 Kitties

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Allison- Virtue Salon


Level 1 Hairdresser | makeup artist

With her mother and great grandfather both as hairdressers, the hair industry runs in her blood. She celebrates individuality by working with each person's specific hair type instead of against it. Outside of the salon, she loves teaching and practicing yoga, gardening, traveling, and dancing. Her favorite part about working at Virtue Salon is the positive work environment and being part of not just a team but a family. She says, “Integrity is the foundation. Everything builds from that. I want to be as gentle on the Earth as I can and I know that Virtue wants the same thing! I love being and feeling a part of something bigger than myself. Namaste.”

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Ask Her About | Her latest art project

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Level 1 hairdresser

Colleen fell in love with hairdressing when she was a little girl. She would use sponge curlers at sleepovers and braid her teammates’ hair for sporting events. Since then, she has perfected the beachy wave and loves hand painting color. She’s so thankful to be part of a work environment where everyone makes her laugh and have fun every single day. Her style defies time and weather; you'll find her sporting sandals even in the brisk Ohio winters. She’s committed to making the salon, herself, and the community the best that it can be!

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Akilah- Virtue Salon



Most mornings Akilah's friendly face is the first thing guests see when they come to Virtue.  Easy to talk to, she makes a great receptionist. Outside of work, she spends time with her wife and kids, and coaches a high school girls soccer team. She admires Katherine Moennig's style, and is convinced the line "I woke up like this" was written with her in mind.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Table Top

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guest coordinator

Problem-solver, multi-tasker, and expert organizer, Kristen loves spending her days at Virtue. She plays a key role in coordinating guests and stylist schedules and keeping everything running smoothly. She loves that every work day is different—variety is what keeps her going! Her black jeans, glasses, and Vans are the staples of her closet. When Kristen’s not at Virtue, she loves spending time with her dogs, biking, and checking out live music.

Favorite Clintonville Gem | Club 20

Ask Her About | Parks & Rec