Although all Hairdressers begin as qualified, licensed professionals, Virtue nurtures the talent of our Hairdressers through continued education. Hairdressers at Virtue refine their abilities and develop new skills every day. Because of the varying degrees of experience and expertise, Virtue offers options to guests with Hairdresser Levels.


Virtue Loyalty Program

One of the best compliments you can give us is your personal recommendation to your friends and family.  As a thank you, we will be tracking referrals and offer you 1,000 points per referral which is equal to $10.00.  Points can be stored or used for services or products. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and for trusting us with your hair!

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New Guest Haircolor Services

We require a complimentary consultation prior to all new guest hair color services. This consultation allows the Hairdresser and the guest to discuss the vision and pricing for the hair color service.

Once the consultation is completed, the hair color service can be scheduled for a later date.

  Hairdressers will evaluate each guest and explain the process and price during the consultation.  

new talent

Our New Talent joins Virtue immediately upon graduating from a cosmetology school and earning their license. Over the course of six months, we teach each New Talent Virtue’s methods that ensure a well-rounded practice, which begins a path to extreme expertise. When you schedule a appointment with an New Talent, trust that they are all qualified. During your visit, you will notice that the New Talent actively engages with higher-level Hairdressers who review the process and provide feedback.

Level 1 hairdresser

As Hairdressers transition out of the apprentice phase, they become a Level 1 Hairdresser. At this point, they’ve attained a minimum of six months of salon experience and received six months of in-house certification. They’re building regular guests and pushing themselves to learn more, as they progress to the next level. When a Level 1 Hairdresser does your hair, expect someone who has a strong, refined grasp on styling hair; should they need assistance, they will not be afraid to work with our Team and ask another Hairdresser for input.

Level 2 hairdresser

Level 2 Hairdressers refined their technical skill to an extreme expertise. Not only do they have over two years of salon experience and in-house certifications, they also have received further education from agencies such as Paul Mitchell, Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. At this level, Hairdressers work without guidance, have a stronger guest base, and continue to learn more.  Scheduling with a Level 2 Hairdresser means sitting in a chair of someone who works independently and understands complex styles.

Level 3 hairdresser

Typically, Level 3 Hairdressers have over three years of experience. When a Hairdresser advances to this level, they have earned several certifications, received additional training and education, and provide a productivity level that is higher than all other levels. These efficient Level 3 Hairdressers are at the top of their game and continue to move forward. They know hairdressing inside and out, from the essentials to ever-changing trends. Learning more as a hairdresser and growing is now ingrained in these Hairdressers.

Level 4 hairdresser

When you schedule with a Level 4 Hairdresser, you are scheduling with an expert. Their certification levels are higher and they have over 4 years of experience at Virtue Salon. To be a Level 4 Hairdresser, it also means they’ve passed a final internal test, an editorial photo shoot. Completing this photo shoot conveys that they’ve mastered their skills and maintained knowledge of trends. And even though they’re highly experienced, they still seek further education to keep their skills sharp.

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